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Art Hanging Systems for Museums & Art Galleries

Art Galleries and Museums have unique hanging needs that our art hanging systems have been designed to address. They have a large variety of frames to hang on walls, there are concerns about security, fine art and museum artifacts require specific lighting, and as exhibitions change a hanging system must be flexible and convenient to switch pieces out.

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Easily Hang a Variety of Frame sizes and weights

For galleries and museums, the main motivation behind art display systems is often increased convenience and reduction in wall repairs. Traditionally gallery or museum curators test placements and layouts by laying pieces on the floor or leaning them against walls, but this does not give you the true feel of how the piece will look on the wall. With our museum art hanging systems it’s easy to adjust the position and height, to test different picture combinations, and make decisions based on how it looks on the wall. Proper alignment of photos or paintings is important for a professional look, and our gallery hanging systems make aligning straight rows and groupings effortless. The old hammer and nail technique can take hours and requires wall repairs, but our hanging solutions makes minor adjustments practically instantaneous. As exhibitions change so do the size and weight of the pieces, which is why we often recommend our J-rail max which offers the most flexibility. And remember that all our art hanging rails can be painted, so it will elegantly blend in to any environment.

Picture Hanging and Lighting Systems

Theft-Delay and Security

Potential theft and safety must be considered when planning anything in a museum or art Gallery. STAS offers theft delaying security hooks which can provide peace of mind to museum organizers and gallery owners alike. Our concealed security hooks eliminate casual theft and tampering, and provide addition safety so pictures or museum artifacts cannot fall or be knocked off the wall.

Museum and Art Gallery Lighting

For art galleries and museums, effectively illuminating items hanging on the walls is critical. Traditional lamps or halogen track lighting are known for consuming lots of electricity, and for generating a lot of heat. Traditional light bulbs convert over 80% of energy to heat, whereas LED bulbs convert over 80% of their energy input to light, with little heat dissipation. Heat and certain light, especially UV light, can damage fine art which is why STAS gallery lighting uses LED lights to provide cost efficient lighting that is safe for the art itself. Similar to frame mounted picture lights but without the unsightly cords and plugs, our art gallery lighting casts light close to the artwork. This helps to create a sense of intimacy with the piece, inviting visitors to stand close to the artwork. For these reasons STAS LED lights really are a superb choice for museums and art galleries.

Picture Hanging Museums Systems

Picture Hanging for the museum

A Perfect Solution For Museums and Galleries

STAS hanging systems are a perfect solution to all of the above requirements, and offer unrivaled FLEXIBILITY, where everything is hung up safely and securely, but can be taken down quickly and easily to re-decorate walls and ceilings with a minimum of fuss. STAS systems make all of this possible, plus all STAS rails can be painted over – whatever color you want! Whether the STAS system is for an existing museum, or for one which is going to be built, there are many options to choose from, but for galleries, particular attention should be paid to some of the more heavy-duty systems such as the j-rail max system, which could work well in a structure where flexibility is important, but not at the expense of elegance.

Long Term Benefits

Long-term benefits of STAS systems include greatly reduced costs over the years (saving on redecorating, painting, plastering and associated liquids, cleaning fluids, paints, plaster etc.), plus zero maintenance cost, zero impact on wall structure once the system has been installed (ie. no more nails!) and no need to call the Maintenance Department to check out if there's a pipe hidden in the wall, or after you've banged a nail into the wall and found that that's where the pipe is!

We're here to help

Each rail system has been uniquely designed to perform a specific function or to resolve a particular issue. Although one solution may seem a perfect fit for your needs that may not necessarily be the case unless every issue has been presented and fully discussed. Our staff has the knowledge and understanding of what are the most important questions to ask when choosing the right system for you. By clicking below and submitting your requests one of our specialists will help you in choosing which system will provide the most satisfaction.

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