Our Name is your Assurance

Over the years Shades International Inc. has built a solid reputation on the very simple principles of integrity and determination. Our brand symbolizes this and is our commitment to those in the fine art industry whether they are producing it, conserving it or hanging it. Our brand is the visible assurance of the quality, reliability and performance our clients receive everyday.

We take great pride in knowing that our products and services have met the needs of our clients with resounding success over the years. We've helped thousands upon thousands of our clients realize their desires and dreams through the years by simply freely giving our advise on how to approach the task of displaying artwork while maintaining its integrity and value over the years. This same concept we've included in our picture rail systems by partnering with key manufacturers in creating hanging systems that will not damage your walls.

As a distributor of high quality picture hanging systems we've research the world over to bring to you some of the most innovative,elegant and creative picture hanging systems manufactured today. Founded in 1990, SHADES is perfectly aligned with the growing needs of a modern market. SHADES International Inc. together with their US based partner Shades Picture Hanging Systems has developed the US market since 2012 and can now be found in a host of industries including:

  • Residential and non residential construction Projects: New Constructions as well as Renovation Projects are a perfectly fitted to our picture rail/track systems. Our picture hanging systems save time and money while also providing flexibility to any picture hanging endeavor. Adding our systems to new construction projects eliminates the guess work out of what will hang on the walls and where they will hang. Wall finishes are protected so whether you're adding unique surfaces such as veneer, textured, real wood paneling or wallpaper our systems will protect those walls. Remember, once our picture tracks or rails are installed, you've just eliminated any need to drill holes or hammer nails ever again.

  • Office and Commercial Properties: offices and other commercial areas have found our picture hanging systems to be a great asset to their ever changing array of promotional banners, advertising displays, or photographic presentations. Our systems provide an excellent way to spruce up the executive offices, hallways and common areas and add a little personality to cubicles or other private office areas. In either area our systems add variety through flexibility without having to call costly maintenance personnel. Add a cable anywhere along the rail, connect the hook and you're done.

  • Schools and Universities: Hallways, classrooms or administration offices all need flexible, easy to use systems to display the countless way in which administrations communicate to their student body and coworkers. One great way to create that communication is by installing our patented picture rail systems. choose either one of our systems or our versatile PaperRail system which uses spherical balls and gravity as a way to keep documents in place.

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities;

  • Retirement homes, assisted living facilities;

  • Government Institutions, Public Housing

  • Condominiums and rental properties

  • Museums and Galleries

  • Hotels, Inns and Bed & Breakfast points


Contractor/builder, interior designer, architect or homeowner – Our hanging systems are flexible enough to cater to every possible need becoming an integral part of the building itself and your lifestyle. Once in place, our rails can be painted, stenciled or modified to your liking. Our picture rails or tracks are truly a living, dynamic system. As your family or company grows so to our systems grow. New family photographs can be quickly added by just connecting more cables and hooks where you them. Rearrangements of old photos or combining with new ones has never been easier. Adding new employees?

About Shades Picture Hanging Systems

Providing simple, flexible, and elegant picture hanging solutions that make life easier is our passion. As the official US Distributor of high end picture hanging systems, we provide world class products with industry leading customer service. If you have questions about which system is right for your home or gallery, or for details on express shipping, email info@shadespicturehanging.com or call (805) 691-9047. 30 Day Return Guarantee With All Orders!

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