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J.Gill, C.E.O. of Shades International, is a specialist in conservation products and framing supplies. When he first came across the STAS systems, he immediately installed a system in the area of the Shades International building which was dedicated to framing. He explains as follows:

“When we first came across the STAS systems my company was framing a lot of photographs for customers and exhibitions (and we still do). Right from the start we found the STAS systems extremely useful - it was so quick and easy to hang framed photographs on the walls that we started to hang up customers’ frames so that they could see the final product before they paid. The customers also got the chance to preview lots of other frames, mounts and so on."

He soon extended the idea and put up STAS rail systems in every other room of the company building. It was so easy and quick to take frames down and put others up, that that’s exactly what started happening as a matter of course. It was also positive for the staff, who liked working in an environment which was, visually, more dynamic and stimulating. J.Gill confirms:

“ I thought the best way of describing what was going on was : “Dynamic! Walls”.

The opposite of Dynamic! Walls is what goes on in many homes, restaurants, offices, and so on: when they get set-up for the first time: nails get banged in the walls, pictures get put up, and that’s more or less how the set-up remains for years, because it’s simply too much hassle to take everything down off the walls, pull out the nails, redecorate and re-hang the pictures in different positions. J.Gill concludes:

“If you’re running a business like a shop or a restaurant or any business with wall space, then you really have a great opportunity to zest things up - once you start using STAS hanging systems, you’ll soon realize how quickly and easily you can turn things round, and you won’t remember what your walls were like before you had Dynamic! Walls.

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