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STAS has been implementing Responsible Industrial Policies right from the start by investing in eco-friendly solutions that reduce the carbon footprint. They've succeeded in 2 important areas of Product Development: aluminium and LED lighting.


STAS rails are manufactured from aluminium. Aluminium is easy to to shape by extrusion, it doesn't corrode, it can be surface-treated and protected with ease. But STAS is very fussy about exactly WHAT aluminium goes into the melting pot to become a STAS product. Aluminium is a wonderful material – it can be recycled over and over again by simply re-melting the metal, and typically, recycling aluminium uses about 5% of the energy needed to make new aluminium, with reduced carbon dioxide emmissions and evident benefits for the environment. STAS uses two type of recycled aluminium for its products: Post-Consumer Aluminium and Pre-Industrial Aluminium.

Post-Consumer Aluminium
Post-Consumer aluminium is collected from products that have reached the end of their lifecycle.

Pre-Industrial Aluminium
Just about every aluminium manufacture process generates some aluminium which is left over, and this Pre-Industrial aluminium gets recycled by STAS.

STAS uses a high percentage of post-consumer aluminium and pre-industrial aluminium in its products which, as well as being extremely eco-friendly, has also enabled STAS to register for LEED certification (see below).


STAS decided to use LED technology for its lighting products because of the low level environmental impact associated with LED lighting, and because of the long lasting nature of LED products, and because, to put it simply, the future of lighting is LED.

Environmental Impact
LED bulbs don't contain mercury like compact fluorescent bulbs, and they don't flicker – plus they don't produce potentially damaging UV radiation like halogen bulbs.

Long Lasting
A typical LED lightbulb will last more than twenty times more than a traditional lightbulb. Let's say: if a traditional lightbulb had be changed every 7 months, then a LED bulb would need replacing every 11 years! In places like office blocks, lightbulb replacement is a regular occurrence, and in skyscrapers hundreds of traditional bulbs need to be replaced every day! Lightbulb replacement represents a high percentage of maintenance costs, both for the physical cost of the bulbs, and for the labor cost involved. Replacement of bulbs becomes a rarity.

Energy Consumption
LED bulbs convert over 80% of their energy input to light, with little heat dissipation, whereas with traditional lightbulbs, over 80% of energy is lost as heat! Although, generally speaking, LED lights initially cost more than traditional bulbs, once you decide to invest in a STAS LED lighting product, your energy bills will reflect that choice.

LEED Green Building Certification
With its Responsible Industrial Policies, STAS offers clients the possibility to earn LEED points. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design‎).

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